There are so many magic powder detergent do not only used to wash clothes

2018-02-10 09:42

Everyone is using washing powder, but these clever detergent usage, many people do not know!

1, restore the hardened towel

Towel will harden with a long time, which is caused by the precipitation of hard water. Boil the washing powder against the water, and then cook the towel for 10-15 minutes, you can restore the soft, but also to completely sterilize, extend the service life of the towel!

2, except cockroaches

Cockroach is the nightmare of each girl, often haunt inadvertently place, scary jump. The best way to deal with them is to use washing powder water for spraying. Not only can kill cockroaches, but also more environmentally friendly than those cockroach drugs!

3, spare lubricant

When installing something at home, if the screw is dry or some drawers do not open the like, you can use detergent water to smear it. Will be able to achieve good lubrication, more environmentally friendly than the average lubricant, and easy to clean!


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