Concentrated laundry detergent powders

  • China
  • Within 30days
  • 200000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per year


This washing powder has a compound formulation combining a unique functional surfactant and a softening agent. These component substances substitute for the traditionally used sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, and thus the environmental impact

of the benzene ring in sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate is eliminated.

This product is highly biodegradable, low toxic, non-harmful to skin and fabric, and has a high detergent power and foaming capacity. It can protect both the environment and people's health, meanwhile easily removing soiling, sweat stains and odors. It makes rinsing cloth easy, and leaves washed fabric clean and smooth.


1. Good and fresh smell, flower and fruit smell
2. Hight foam, middle foam, low foam as buyers' request
3. Suitable density, let the package look good
4.reasonable package design can save containers space, and design package as per buyers' request
5. Washing at cool, normal, warm temperature water
6. Suitable for hand and machine wash 
7. Suitable for washing both in hard and soft water 
8. Non-harmful to skin 
9. Protecting fabrics 
10. protech both environment and health 
11. High quality 
12. Competitive price 
13. Saving water and saving time 
14. Specification as buyers' request and OEM  


Sweet comfort fold protection as new

Extraordinary cleaning power: rich "quick clean factor" for a superior clean energy. Even if the direct machine washable, and without additional soaking and scrubbing, it can instantly dissolve, layers penetration depth clothing fibers, instantly disintegrate and remove 99 kinds of stains * clean * 3 times faster.

Pleasant fragrance: sweet cream specially spun gold in the removal of 99 kinds of stains at the same time, so that clothing distribute refreshing flavor, fragrance gives you the wonderful feeling of comfort.

Smart Foam: Foam intelligent optimization technology, easy to rinse, water and effort.


No residue: None alkaline particulate residue, no phosphorus, aluminum, safety and environmental protection

neutral pH: pH neutral, skin experts verified mild irritation.

International, diffused from the bag opening, washing to dry, whole process brings you unique fragrance, and make sure the clothes to dry after natural pleasant scent remains still.

Suitable for all kinds of fabrics: suitable for cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber, blending all sorts of quality of a material such as clothing, the family clothing can be at ease use, white, white and bright as new.

Packaging & Shipping


Detergent powder/Washing powder /Soap powder


Detergent Use

Apparel / Laundry






White /Light Blue



OEM Service/ ODM Service / Sunny Brand/ Snow Brand


Place of Origin

Shandong, China



Suitable for hand & Automatic Washing (front loading type / top loading type)



High quality /Good quality / Economical quality / Low quality



Optional ( Lemon / Floral / Long-lasting/ Violet/ Jasmine/ Lavender/ Strawberry/……)



Common Density: 300g/l~500g/l

Concentrated Density: 500g/l~900g/l


Loading containers

20GP(around 10 to 13tons)

40HQ(around 22 to 26tons)

Inner packing

Plastic bag / Paper box

package materials

PP/PE,PET/PE, PA/PE, Paperboard


Outer packing

Woven bag / Carton



30g*120 / 30g*150/……….

35g*100 / 35g*150 / 35g*300 / 35g*400 /…….

50g*120/ 50g*200/………

80g*72 / 100g*100/………

110g*48 / 110g*100 / 150g*80 /………..

200g*20/ 200g*36/ 200g*60/ 200g*100/……….

250g*20/ 250g*40/ 250g*54/ 250g*60/………

500g*12/ 500g*20/ 500g*24/ 500g*30/ 500g*50/ ……….

700g*12/ 800g*12/ 870g*20/ 900g*12/…………

1kg*12/ 1kg*15/ 1kg*18/ 1kg*20/ 1kg*24/ ………..

2kg*8/ 2kg*12/ 2.5kg*4/2.5kg*6/…….

3kg*4/ 3kg*5/ 3kg*6/ 5kg*3/ 5kg*4/……….

10kg/bag, 15kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag……….

500kg/bag, 550kg/bag, 1000kg/bag………


Our Services



1. Our rich experience: we produce and export washing powder more than 23 years.


2. Our scale: we are the manufacturer with strong developing ability and high innovation.


3. Our quality guarantee: we have passed the ISO 9001:2008 QUALITY SYSTEM AUTHENTICATION FDA, DAS


4. Offer professional OEM process, design services, buyer label services as customer's services.


5. Specification extends from 15g to 25kg by bag or carton. Or make package as customer requirement.


6. High quality, good quality, economical quality and low quality are all available.



1. Q: Can I get the samples?

   A: Yes, sample is free, but buyer pay for freight cost.


2. Q: Can you provide OEM service? Can I print my logo on the bottle and carton?

   A: Yes, OEM is available. Customized logo is available, just send us your logo or artwork. We also have professional designer, we provide artwork design free of charge.


3. Q: Can I choose the color or flavor based on my needs?

  A: Yes, Pls tell us.


4. Q : What's the delivery time?

   A: Normally between 20 and 30 days.(according to your quantity)


5. Q: What's the payment terms?

A: 30-50%T/T deposit, balance payment within 7 workdays the seller send the buyer the copy of B/L.


6. Q: What price terms do you accept?

   A: Ex factory price, FOB price. We'll be pleased to make CNF/CFR/CIF price for you, if you tell us your port of destination.


7. Q: Can I visit your factory?

 A: Yes, you can. After preliminary communication, we welcome customers to visit our factory. We have the specific display room.

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